It's time to talk about vacation & sustainability

We know it's an unpleasant subject, but we can no longer ignore it.

Even though a study from showed that 87% of global travellers found sustainability to be important, let's be honest, so far it has been mostly good intentions and very little action.

But we’re not here to point fingers. Because we know that for every pointed finger, three are pointing back at us. Besides, there are plenty of good reasons why most of us have been slower at adopting sustainable choices in our vacation habits than in our daily lives.

For one, it requires even more research than usual to come across good sustainable alternatives, when it comes to traveling. But the main reason is probably that when we are on vacation, we simply don’t want too much of a hassle. Instead, we allow ourselves to pretend that for this short period of time, we are living in a world with no climate change or biodiversity loss. We justify this illusion by telling ourselves that we are actually doing pretty good the rest of the year, so it should be alright to take a short timeout from worrying about all the problems in the world.

Does this sound familiar?

Then we’re sorry to break it to you. But being good 350 days a year is no longer good enough. Climate change, wildlife extinction, glacier melting, natural resources depletion, biodiversity loss, deforestation, droughts etc. are also happening the two weeks you are kicking back in your beach lounger sipping margaritas.

At Easygoing we are offering a solution to one of the challenges.

And the good news is that there are many more like us that are offering specific solutions to specific challenges related to travels and vacation. So making sustainable vacation choices is actually not so difficult, if you only know these brands.

However, these brands are not the major players in the industry. And like Easygoing, they are often fairly new and therefore a bit difficult to find, unless you take your time and do the research, or you’re so lucky that likeminded friends share their research with you.

In that spirit we have done some investigation and found some cool brands that can make it a lot easier for you to put your actions where your mouth is, the next time you go traveling.

Make more sustainable vacation choices with these 5 brands:

ecohotels - Online booking site and community for eco conscious hotels.

travelkollekt - Online tool that helps you plan and organize your next responsible travel.

dengroennerejse - Travel site offering travel packages always using sustainable means of transportation and accommodation.

steppestravel - Organiser of tailor-made holidays and adventures, designed to be unique and support positive change.

ecobnb - The AirBnB for sustainable accommodation.

Now that we have shared our list with you, why not pass it on amongst your friends?

If we stand together, we can help even more make sustainable vacation choices. An easy way and a good start is simply to share this post.

It’s important to say that these are by no means the only brands out there helping you make sustainable vacation and travel choices. It’s just some of the coolest we have come across. So, if you know another cool brand, you think deserves a shout out, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

- Team Easygoing

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