It is our mission to nudge people into renting instead of buying

However, we acknowledge having your own gear makes good sense for certain things.

That is why initially we won't be renting out things like suitcases, hiking boots and clothes that needs to be of a specific size or shape to fit you. We say initially because who knows, maybe you don't even need to own that kind of gear either in the future. If that is the case, we will add this to our selection too.

So in the meantime, we have done the research and found the most sustainable travel essentials for you.

If you really need a new suitcase or just want to update your travel wardrobe, here are some options for you to do this with a good conscience.

And don't worry, we know that style matters too.

Therefore we have also added a "look good" criteria to our research, and only included the essentials to our list that live up to both criteria. That way you can enjoy a sustainable vacation in style. If you don't agree with our style, find your own taste and tell us about it. We are always eager to know more and continuously strive to keep our selection up to the highest standards. Style is a matter of preference. Sustainability is not!

Our list of sustainable and stylish travel essentials:

1. Solar charged powerbank

The Sandberg Urban Solar Powerbank 10000 lets you charge your smartphone up to 4 times. The power bank is equipped with an efficient US-made solar panel, which generates enough power for an extra charge of your smartphone on a sunny day.

2. Suitcase

Aviator Grand from Paravel

3. Travel pillow

Buckwheat Cylinder Pillow from Sachi Organics

4. Travel pack

Allpa 35 L. travel pack by Cotopaxi

5. Headphones / earbuds

Positive Vibration XL ANC Wireless Headphones from Marley

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology. If you prefer earbuds check out Marley's Liberate Air True Wireless Earbuds

6. Fanny pack


7. Travel bag

Wheeled Duffel Bag from Patagonia

No getting around Patagonia when talking sustainable and stylish travel gear. That is why we have included the Duffel Bag, which besides it's the sustainability and coolness is super practical with it's wheels.

Thank you for reading about sustainable choices.

These are the essentials we came across in our research. But surely there are more cool and sustainable gear out there. So consider this a good start or a bit of inspiration to your own research...

- With love & care from the Easygoing team

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