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Delivery and return

Everything at Easygoing is about making your family trip as easy and worry-free as possible.

The same applies when it comes to the delivery and return of the gear you rent from us.

Delivery to hotel

If you are staying at a hotel, we will often deliver your gear to the hotel lobby before arrival. That way, you avoid having to coordinate meeting times with us and having to be in a certain place at a certain time.

When we deliver to the hotel lobby, we take a photo of the delivered equipment to avoid discrepancies.

Delivery to summer-house and vacation home

If you live in a summer-house or vacation home where there is no reception, the delivery must be made to you personally.


In the order flow, you have specified an approx. time you would like to receive the gear. We strive to keep that time. When delivering, we also agree on what time we should pick up the equipment again when the vacation is over.

Return hotel

As with delivery, you can simply leave the gear at the reception of your hotel. Remember to take a picture of the delivered equipment so that we avoid discrepancies.

Return summer-house and vacation home

When we have to pick up the gear again, it will happen again in person, and at the time we have agreed on when we delivered.

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