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Quality & maintenance

Our gear should be used and reused. Therefore, we only carry high-quality gear in our range. And that's why we clean and repair the equipment thoroughly after each rental. 


For us at Easygoing, it is extremely important that the quality is top notch. Although our equipment is recycled, we always make sure it is cleaned and checked before you receive it.

Although it must last for many rental, it must of course also be safe to use. To ensure the quality of the gear, we have three important criteria it must meet:

  1. The gear must be of top quality

  2. The gear must be able to withstand thorough cleaning and disinfection

  3. The gear must be free of harmful substances


When the equipment is returned, we always carry out the following procedure before renting it out again:

  • The condition of the gear is checked and approved before new rental

  • Repair of any damage

  • If damage affects safety or usability, the equipment will be disposed of

  • The equipment is washed, vacuumed and disinfected

  • Everything is packed neatly so it is ready for the next delivery

Our promise

When you rent gear from Easygoing, you can receive equipment that shows signs of use. But we guarantee that everything is always clean and tidy, and that the quality and safety are top notch, for you and your family.

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