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We make the family holiday easier - and a lot more than that

Is that really true? There must be an easier and cheaper way to travel with the little ones? 

That was Jakob's first thought after checking three suitcases and a stroller into the airport, ahead of his first trip with his daughter. And despite all that luggage, he had decided not to pack a lot of equipment and entertainment for the holiday. 

And after asking Anne for advice, the two childhood friends decided that they wanted to do something about it together.

Your benefits when you choose Easygoing

So, we founded Easygoing because we wanted to make it easier for families with children to travel on holiday. And our solution was the rental of quality gear. But we have discovered that there are actually many more benefits than that. Here are some of them. 

Travel easier with less luggage

Hold hands with your children instead of lugging around heavy luggage. It's as simple as that when you rent gear from us. You don't have to carry a stroller and heavy luggage with equipment to and from the airport. Instead, everything is delivered when you arrive.

Go for more, not less when packing

When you rent with Easygoing, you can choose more, not less gear, which would otherwise have been the case if you had to choose which gear to pack in the limited luggage space.

Pay less for checked-in luggage

It is becoming more and more expensive to check in luggage on the plane. This is due, among other things, to the fact that the airlines want to limit the weight of the planes in order to save money and CO2 on fuel. You will avoid that bill when you rent your gear and have it delivered to your destination.

Delivery and quality assurance 

It is our core competence to ensure that you get quality gear that is always delivered on time and as agreed. So when you rent from us, we guarantee, for example, that your stroller will be ready for you when you arrive and that it is exactly the stroller you ordered from us.

No damaged stroller on the plane

When you fly with your stroller, it is exposed to the risk of damage, scratches and scuffs. When you rent from us, you can leave the stroller and all the other equipment in the safe confines of your home, and jump on the plane worry-free.

Less weight on the plane = less CO2

When you rent your stroller and equipment from us instead of lugging it on the plane, you save weight on the plane. And less weight means that the aircraft must use less fuel, and thus emit less CO2. That does not make the flight CO2-neutral, but a little is also right.

Buy less at the destination

When you rent the beach umbrella, toys and entertainment from us, instead of buying them in the nearest souvenir shop, you get both better quality products and you do not contribute to more cheap plastic being produced than necessary.

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