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What to do on Bornholm with teenagers

Updated: Apr 16

Bornholm is one of the most special and beautiful places to spend a holiday in Denmark. In my family, we often joke that we love islands that are a little hard to get to. La Gomera, Hydra and Bornholm (and if you haven't been to those islands, I can only recommend you go there... They are all worth the effort).

But as a mother of two teenagers, I always fint it a bit of a challenge to come up with something everyone on the family likes. Therefore, I would like to recommend what to do on Bornholm based on a few of the experiences we had with our children. As we live in Northern Jutland, the trip to Bornholm is a day trip. You can drive - all the way across Zealand and Sweden, you can take a bus trip or you can fly. We only had 5 days on the island, so we chose to fly.

Getting around

This summer we visited Nexø and the surrounding area, and when we landed at the airport, we quickly found the bus to Nexø. The bus is easy to get around the island, and even if it takes a little time, a holiday is also about having good time.

The only thing this mainland Dane had forgotten/overlooked/didn't know is that you don't use travel cards on Bornholm. So just remember to download the app or remember cash. You can find information at

Since we took the plane, we didn't have a car with us on holiday, and part of the plan was to rent bicycles and get around the area that way. It turned out to be a really good idea. The area at Nexø is flat, and you can easily cycle to some of the best beaches on Bornholm.

Then: The lunch box in the basket, the parasol on the back and off we went. 

(Swim) suit up

From Nexø there are several places where you can jump into the water if you are lucky enough to have a bicycle, and my children love swimming!

Of course there are the beautiful sandy beaches at Balka and Dueodde, but it now feels a little more "Bornholmian" to jump into the water from the rocks.

Just north of Nexø are the "Halleklipperne", which is a beautiful natural area. Here you can jump into the water from the rocks, and the water is clear (and cold). The place is also called "Sjølla" (to rinse/bath).

The day we cycled out there, the sun had warmed the rocks, and it was wonderful to lie down and get warm on the dark rocks.

If you cycle south, there is a nice cycle path all the way to Balka, Snogebæk and Dueodde.

The Bornholm sandy beaches are absolutely fantastic. We had packed balls and beach paddle, and then we can easily spend an entire day at the beach!

We were at Balka and Dueodde and both places are beautiful, but man those rocks...

Interesting museums

The Danish summer weather is not always good for lying on the beach. And even though Bornholm is the island of sunshine, we like to experience something when we are on holiday.

As I am married to a geologist, a visit to NaturBornholm is a must, and with a little patience and plenty of snacks, it is a nice bike ride from Nexø.

The nature and the geological history of Bornholm are excitingly presented, and then we have a little more knowledge the next time we find an interesting stone or piece of rock on our holiday.

Bornholm has a lot of history that may not be entirely familiar to mainland Danes.

This story unfolds in the center at the Bornholm tower at Dueodde (and can of course be combined with a trip to the beach). There are fine exhibitions about the Second World War and the Cold War, and not least the Bornholm tower itself, a 70 meter high tower where the leg muscles are put to the test as you have to climb the stairs all the way up. But the view is worth it!


A must on Bornholm is Hammershus. It is a bit far to cycle from Nexø, where we lived, but luckily there is a direct bus 4 times a day. So it's just a matter of jumping on and going on a trip around Bornholm. (Now remember that with "no travel card")

Hammershus is beautiful in itself, but they have some really good tours that are worth buying a ticket for if you are not very well versed in Hammershus' history.

Cozy Nexø

Bornholm offers many cozy towns. Most people probably go to Rønne, Allinge, Svaneke or other places. But Nexø has a lot to offer! If your teenagers are into scavenging, Klunserkongen is a must! A large store full of recycled items - everything from clothes to gadgets to art.

The town square in Nexø offers live music throughout most of the summer season, and the Bornholm ice cream chain "Chris og Mario" serves delicious homemade ice cream from their cozy little ice house.

Sit down on the harbor with a game of chess and eat a KrølleBølle ice cream from Souvenirhytten, and enjoy life.

And last but not least, visit Værftet, where there is a large playground and a skate park!

Bornholm Bornholm Bornholm

I could have mentioned a lot of other things from Bornholm. The smokehouses! Opal Lake, which you can float over in a wildly fun, long cable car. Echo Valley (if you go there, remember to google different echoes that you can shout. It's really fun.) Nature!!! Paradise hills.

Food court in Snogebæk! I could go on.

From here, a clear recommendation must sound - take the teenagers with you to Bornholm. It will be a family holiday you will never forget. 

Here I have collected all the websites you will need: (a little advertising for oneself is probably allowed)

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