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Holiday in North Jutland. What should you experience with the kids?

North Jutland is a fantastic place to travel with children. There is a wealth of exciting activities and beautiful landscapes. Everything from amusement parks to museums to nature experiences. From Skagen to Aalborg, from Hanstholm to Hals. There is something to experience in every corner of North Jutland.

Here we have collected some of our best recommendations for those of you having your holiday in North Jutland with the children.

Explore Skagen and Grenen

Known for its picturesque beaches and charming town, Skagen is a must! Take a walk along the beach out to Grenen, where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet, and let the children collect seashells and build sand castles. You often meet seals on the beach here.

Take the "Sandworm" (train) back if you have tired legs.

Sandy beach Denmark
Grenen, Skagen - Mette Johnsen

Back in Skagen, you can walk between the characteristic yellow houses with an ice cream in hand, and eat fresh fish on the harbour.

Råbjerg Mile and the Sand Buried Church

Not far from Skagen you will find two exciting experiences, namely Denmark's largest hiking dune: Råbjerg Mile and the Sand Buried Church.

Råbjerg Mile is approx. 1000 meters on each link, and the children will love to tumble in the sand. The mile migrates 15 meters annually towards the north-east, and contains approx. 3.5 million m3 of sand.

Family at Råbjerg Mile, Nordjylland Denmark
Råbjerg Mile - Mark Trustrup

Church Denmark
The Sand Buried Church - Peter Jørgensen

In Skagen dune plantation you will find the remains of St. Laurentii Church from the 14th century, which today is known as the Sand Buried Church. When the sand drift settled over the cemetery and the church, it was closed and demolished, and only the tower remains. You can go up the tower and see the beautiful view of the dune plantation.

Sand dunes Nordjylland Denmark
Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse - Rocco Ronneburg

Visit Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

This iconic lighthouse, located between the dunes, offers a breathtaking view of the North Sea. Kids will love climbing the dunes!

And then you can combine the visit with a trip to Lønstrup, which is one of the nicest holiday towns in North Jutland. Here you will find a lovely beach and small fine specialty shops and artisans.

Experience e.g. the glassblowers work in "Glashuset" (the Glass House).

Indoor water fun in The Reef

The Reef is located in Frederikshavn and is an indoor water park with slides, pools and play areas suitable for all ages. It's a perfect place to spend a fun day with the family, especially in the colder months or if it's raining.

And when you are now in Frederikshavn, there is another good recommendation for you.

Park the car at Møllehuset and walk up the path to the fantastic platform at the top of Pikkerbakken. The platform is designed as the "top of Jutland" and in good weather you can see all the way to Skagen and Læsø. Here you will also find the king's stone, where i.a. King Frederik's signature is engraved.

Close by is the museum Bangsbo Fort, where you can explore bunkers from the Second World War scattered over the hill. Truly an exciting experience for everyone.

Go back down to Møllehuset and drink afternoon coffee and rest your legs. 

Old house Læsø Denmark
Seaweed roof house in Læsø - Travelbook

Take a ferry to Læsø:

Take a ferry trip from Frederikshavn to Læsø, which is known for its sandy beaches, beautiful seaweed roofs and saltworks. Rent a bike and take the beautiful (flat) ride around the island. Eat delicious fish for lunch and visit Læsø Saltsyderi.

Family fun at Fårup Sommerland

Fårup Sommerland is North Jutland's largest amusement park. Here there are slides and rides for all ages. Bring your own food to the barbecue or eat at one of the good restaurants in the park. And don't forget your swimwear, Fårup Sommerland has a fantastic water park.

Combine a visit to Fårup Sommerland with a trip to the beautiful wide beach at Blokhus. There are many tourists here in the summer, so you can drive down to the beach and further north, and find a quiet place to settle down. You can drive on the beach all the way from Blokhus to Løkken, so there is plenty of opportunity to find a good spot.

Fish in the North Sea
Nordsea Oceanarium - Helle Bach Hansen

Nordsea Oceanarium

Located in Hirtshals, this aquarium is the largest in Northern Europe and provides a fascinating insight into marine life.

See sharks, sea turtles and colorful fish, and experience e.g. them be fed.

But the best-known animal at the oceanarium is the lumpfish! And if you want a very special experience, you can spend the night at Klumpfiskene's!

In Aalborg

Viking adventure at Lindholm Høje: 

Take a trip back in time at the Lindholm Høje Museum, where you can walk among old Viking burial grounds and experience history up close in the exciting exhibition. The exhibition contains the history of the Vikings in the area, and the most important archaeological finds, conveyed to both children and adults.

Visit Aalborg Zoo: 

Aalborg Zoo offers a wide range of animals from all over the world, interactive exhibitions and playgrounds for children. It is a great place for families to spend a whole day.

You can experience the animals being fed, and get stories about the animals when the zookeepers give "speaks" around the park. There is also often a show on the "Zoofari stage".

Submarine Springeren and Defence and Garrison Museum:

In Aalborg, there are 2 super good museums very close to each other, namely the Springeren Maritime Experience Center and the Aalborg Defense and Garrison Museum.

Both places have good interactive exhibitions, and you can buy a joint ticket for the two places.

Crawl e.g. aboard the submarine Springeren, and experience armored vehicles and fighter planes in the hangar at the Garrison Museum.

Rold Forest and Rebild Hills

You will find one of the most beautiful natural areas in Rold Forest and Rebild Hills. Here there is a dense troll forest under the ancient beech trees, discover the hiding places of the robbers from Rold, and go for a walk on the undulating heather hills. Here you can also experience burial mounds or take a ride on a mountain bike on the good tracks that are spread over the area.

Forrest in Denmark
Rebild Hills - Daniel Villadsen



If you want to go further west, there is beautiful nature in Thy National Park. Here you can see the surfers in Cold Hawaii, or rent a surfboard yourself and get a trial lesson in one of the coastal towns Klitmøller or Nørre Vorupør.

Sandy beach Denmark
Klitmøller - Mette Johnsen

In the National Park, there are plenty of opportunities for nature experiences in the raw nature, so all you have to do is lace up your hiking boots and set off. 

North Jutland has fun, history and nature experiences for all ages.

If you are traveling with small children, remember to book a carrier bag from home, that way the little ones can experience nature from the back.

Enjoy your holiday in North Jutland! 

Here are some relevant websites for your trip:

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